Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Whats in- The Classics

This list does not include everything obviously, if you have something you think needs added then leave a comment and it might be in the next classics list.

Dress shirts- that when you turn up the cuff they don't look inside out. Quality in anything is important.

UGGS- sorry everyone yes I think UGGs are always going to be in I have had a pair for 4 years now, they are amazingly comfortable and last a while. This is one of the few times that fashion works well with the elements outside.  Though go for the dark material and simple design-timeless, also only wear in the winter.

Undershirts for men- seriously a simple tank top or t-shirt will make you look a billion times better. It keeps you cooler and cooler.

Holes in jeans- tiny or huge holes in jeans are always cool in my opinion the bigger the better.

Lace- classy always stays in style. Keep it simple and delicate.

Correct bra size-  No explanation needed

Monograms- I cant explain it but the preppy will always have an audience.

Grimy vintage band ts

Converse  - Not only are they always cool David Tennant wore them come on....

Simple sweaters

Dry shampoo

The Fashion Well

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