Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Simple Solutions

Fall is coming to 2015!

The first thing people think of when fall is mentioned is back to school. Everyone wants to look amazing when they go back to school and I have some simple tips to help out. Though helpful for anyone through out any season.

Fake tan: If you want that bronze look for the end of summer but didn't get enough sun a lot of people try fake tanning. I do it. I spend way too much time inside to have a real tan. Though fake tanning can be tricky and an end up looking horrible. From my experience the best thing to do is have someone else at a salon spray you. Though if you are like me and want instant results now put on a pair of rubber gloves and use a fake tan lotion or airbrush spray. For the lotion make sure its evenly rubbed in, essentially follow the directions on the bottle. For airbrush try to keep it as even as possible but if you cant or it gets too runny go ahead and smooth out the solution with your hands. Don't use foam. No matter how hard I try I will never get an even tan from the tanning foam so don't bother.
Also just an extra tip make sure your face is super clean and dot the solution on and smooth in little spots at a time. Though an uneven fake tan on your face is not the end of the world because foundation can fix that easily.

Another tip in general for always looking good. If you paint your nails make sure they are never chipped or half painted. Even if they don't match your outfit a fully completed set of nails looks way better than old chipped polish. I take the time every night before I fall asleep and go over my nails with polish and hit the chipped spots. It really makes a difference and also makes your nails stronger.

Don't have a lot of money but want to change your look completely?

Don't worry I have some good cheap tips for wiping the slate clean.

I love redoing my look or recreating myself. So dying my hair is really important to me.  I used to go to a salon and spend a lot on my hair dye but honestly you don't have to. I buy Herbal Essences hair dye. It comes in a greenish yellow box and it has been amazing for the years I have used it. It keeps my hair soft and I haven't had any fall out. Though always beware if you dye your hair red, going lighter will be a challenge no matter what you use.

OK now for the complexion. I like using facial masks to make my face and skin smoother.  Anything that is Origin brand is natural and really great. If you are looking for something cheaper try the bath isle at Target they have individual facial mask packets and they are also really nice.  Don't try toothpaste on your face it doesn't work for getting rid of black heads. The mint burned my eyes and the non mint flavors didn't harden

Honestly there is no reason to spend a ton on mascara eyeliner and lipstick. The dollar store supplies those perfectly for me.  I loose stuff easily and going from paying 40 dollars for a Dior eyeliner to and e.l.f. one dollar eyeliner makes me really happy. e.l.f is amazing and you can get it at some dollar stores or target. Their fake eyelashes are perfect too.  Don't bother trying their foundation you need to spend a bit more on that if you want it to work. From what I found Mary Kay has the best foundation and moisturizer that compliments my skin. It is like it melts into all of my pores making my skin perfectly smooth.

My last tip for jumping into the school year correctly -buy a new outfit for the first day of school. It energizes your entrance back in and will boost your confidence.

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